Dr Wahba Zuhayli was the chairman of Islamic jurisprudence in the College of Sharia at the University of Damascus and a preacher at al-Badr Mosque in Deir Atiyah.
Zuhayli was a prominent Islamic legal philosopher and jurist and one of the most well-known Syrian Islamic scholars. Born in Deir Atiyah in 1932, he studied Islamic law at al-Azhar University in Cairo and received his doctorate in Islamic law from Cairo University in 1963. He has written dozens of books on comparative Islamic law and has lectured in the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Pakistan, and Libya.

A strong critic of Salafism, he defended Sufi practices such as intercession through righteous Muslims, celebrating the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, and gatherings of worshippers chanting remembrances of God (majalis dhikr). He has not taken a clear public position against the regime nor has he spoken out in favor of it.
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