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A guide for Hajj & Umrah

A guide for Hajj & Umrah


Anus Daud Mathews

Paperback, 296 pages
21 x 14 cm
ISBN: 8171012663
Idara Ishate Diniyat

Millions throng to Mecca every year to fulfill the obligation placed on them by their Lord; however the manasik (the way to perform the obligation as told by the Messenger (pbuh)) are as important as the obligation itself. Just before the Haj, Haj camps are organised to teach people these manasik, yet it does not suffice as it is a tedious task to remember everything.

Written from a lay man’s point of view, this book by Anis Daud Mathews contains Arabic text along with simple English translation and explains in a very lucid and comprehensive manner the ahkam one needs to perform during the pilgrimage.

A must read for those who are planning for Haj or Umrah.

Khutbat e Hajjatul Wida خطبات حج الوداع [Urdu]

Khutbat e Hajjatul Wida خطبات حج الوداع [Urdu]


Assad Nimber Busool

Paperback, 101 Pages
13.6 x 21.5 cm
ISBN: 81-7898-056-8
Goodword Books Pvt. Ltd.

It is obligatory on parents to teach their children Islamic etiquettes and manners and relevant ahkam like namaz, recitation of Quran, etc. However, there are very few books that have been written on the topic that are suitable for children.

The book is the second of the series of books which attempts to introduce children with the basics of Islam and its teaching. The illustrations in the books are relevant and make the book enticing for the children. The book covers a wide range of topics from Islamic history to ahkam and from namaz to Quran. Besides dealing on history, the book focuses on the principles of tauhid and the stories of akhlaq too.

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