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A Gift for Muslim Bride and Groom (Gift Box) [2 Book set]

A Gift for Muslim Bride and Groom (Gift Box) [2 Book set]


Mohammad Haneef Abdul Majeed

Hardcover, Set of 2 books
15 x 22.5 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-647-2
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

Nikah indeed is a life changing event for both the bride as well as the groom. The gender differences with which Allah has created us, at times become a mystery to understand, which eventually lead to discord. Further, being unaware of each other’s rights, duties and privileges also becomes a cause for disharmony among the couple.

‘A Gift for Muslim Bride and Groom’ is a collection of two books entitled ‘A gift for Muslim Groom’ and ‘A Gift for Muslim Bride.’ It is more like a guide for the joyous and successful married life as the books has been written for the newly married couple, considering in mind the challenges both the bride and the groom face after the nikah.
Written beautifully in simple English, this book makes a perfect gift for the newly wedded couple.


A Gift For Muslim Couples [English]

A Gift For Muslim Couples [English]


Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Hardback, 172 Pages
14 x 21.5 cm
ISBN: 8171015182
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat 

This book is an amazing present for a newly wed couple. Written by the well known prolific writer, Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi, this book addresses every issue that a newly wed faces. The lessons are based on evidences from the Quran and the Sunnah.

This 172 page book is a unique gift for newly married couples.

Aadaabul Muaasharat (E) - Etiquettes of Social Life

Aadaabul Muaasharat (E) - Etiquettes of Social Life


M Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Paperback, 95 Pages
13.8 x 21.2 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-145-4
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

Islam, being a complete ideology, provides complete guidance for man in all the spheres of his life. ‘Aadaabul Muaasharat’ is another masterpiece from the renowned M Ashraf Ali Thanvi, where he discusses the etiquettes of social life ranging from greetings (Salam) to Mulaqaat (meeting) and from the tarbiyya of the children to the respect of parents.

This book is a necessary read for the growing children as well as the grownups because of its simple and catchy writing style and short chapters discussing important concepts and etiquettes. Running through just 90 pages, this book covers comprehensively yet briefly the issues related to the social life of a Muslim.

AlHadiyatu Linnisa - A gift for women [English]

AlHadiyatu Linnisa - A gift for women [English]


Muhammad Ibrahim Palanpuri                                                  

Paperback, 61 Pages
12 x 18.1 cm 
ISBN: 81-7101-476-3
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

The female companions (sahabiyat) would ask questions to the prophet about private matters without any hesitation however today many women express reluctance in asking such questions due to excessive modesty and shyness.

This short English booklet by the Maulvi Muhammad Ibrahim Palanpuri is exclusively written addressing the laws of purity regarding women.

The author explains various issues related to women such as Haidh (mensuration), Nifaas, Balagha (puberty) and others. An important read for any women who has attained puberty.

Free PDF Version 

Does Islam Oppress Women ?

Does Islam Oppress Women ?


Adnan khan, Lopa Hussain

Edition 2014
Paperback, 145 Pages
13.8 x 21 cm
ISBN: 1899574263
DarulIslam Publications

As a reaction to many misconceptions in the Muslim world and the west about Women in Islam, some women have turned to the West and have taken on the decades long struggle of becoming man’s equal.

The aim of this booklet is to as assess the struggle Western women undertook to achieve their rights as this continues to be held as the benchmark for women and societies across the world.

The Islamic social system will then be looked at to assess what Islam actually says about women, how it regulates male-female relations and its suitability as a model for women and society.






Sheikh Muhammad bin Saleh bin Uthaimeen

Paperback, 20 Pages
13.6 x 21 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-252-3
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

In times where Hijaab is being portrayed as a symbol of oppression and the Western thinkers have launched their tirade against it, it becomes incumbent on Muslims, especially on the Muslim women, to respond to the allegations rationally along with the textual proofs. The small booklet by Sheikh Uthaimeen mentions textual, analogical and rational arguments to prove the point.

The arguments in the book are not only satisfying for the one who is observing the obligation; rather it arms the believer with conviction regarding the Hijaab along with intelligent answers to stem the tirade of the West.

The Islamic ideology

The Islamic ideology


Paperback, 304 Pages
15.8 x 23.6 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-377-5
Revival Publications

Islam ceased to be implemented post the abolishment of the Khilafah in 1924. Since then there have been efforts to relegate Islam to a mere personal affair and to confuse the Muslims about the true concepts of Islam.

This book is a compilation of papers on the relevant concepts and themes about which Muslims are being made to believe in a western way. Arguing from the vantage point of Islam, all the papers in the book address the concern of the Ummah today. The book contains 11 papers in total, including ‘Roots of Nationalism in the Muslim World’, ‘The Method to Appoint a Khaleefah’, ‘Dhimmi – The Non-Muslims Living in Khilafah’, ‘The Western Beauty Myth’, etc.

The arguments in the book break the trance from orientalist authors which the Muslim Ummah still suffers from and makes it a must read for the Dawah carrier.



The Modest Status of Women in Islam

The Modest Status of Women in Islam


Muhammad Saeed Seddiqi

Paperback, 250 Pages
13.7 x 21.1 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-331-7
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

The status of women in Islam is one topic which became a soft target for the Westerners in order to malign and demonise Islam. Many books and literature were written to reply to this attack yet there always remained the dearth of intellectual arguments that would convince the mind and heart.

This book by Muhammad Saeed Seddiqi is an intellectual response to the Orientalist attack. The book, besides giving arguments from the religious scriptures, also documents the recent reports and surveys and puts a question mark on the status of the women living in the West. The book is also a kind of comparative study of the status of women in Judaism and Christianity.

It is an interesting book on the status of women and takes on the issue unapologetically.

The Pious Husband - Az Zaujus Salih - الزوج الصالح

The Pious Husband - Az Zaujus Salih - الزوج الصالح


Majlis Ul Ulama of South africa

Paperback, 112 Pages
14 x 21 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-557-3
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

Az-Zaujus Salih stands out from the other books written on the responsibilities of married couple towards one another because of the fact that the rest of the books on this subject has been primarily written for women and her role and duties as a wife. This book talks about the duties and role of a pious husband in marriage. This book fills in the void as there has been a dearth of books written for the husbands and the attitude required from them for the blissful married life.

This book talks about the rights, responsibilities and privileges for both the husband and the wife and should be read by both for the successful married life.

women in musaajid and islam

women in musaajid and islam


Majlis Ulama of South Africa

Paperback, 78 Pages
13.9 x 21.1 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-316-3
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

In the course of attacking Islam, status of women has been the most sought after topic in the western literature. One of the topics which rise over and over again is the permissibility of women to go to Musjid. The Islamic scholars too are divided over this issue, each having their own evidences to prove the point.

‘Women in Musaajid and Islam’ complied by the Majlisul Ulama of South Africa puts forward the topic in a novel way, with large amounts of arguments from the Quran, Sunnah and saying of the Sahaba as well as the ruling of the scholar. This book further answers the western critics by analogical reasoning regarding the same.


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