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Hayat us Sahaba Vol. 1&2 [French]

Hayat us Sahaba Vol. 1&2 [French]


Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Kandhalwi

Hardcover, 486+422 Pages
16.2 x 24.7 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-537-9

This book is the French translation of one of the renowned works of Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Kandhalwi entitled “Hayatus Sahaba” originally written in Urdu. The book recounts the lives of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) and how they lived and put Islam at the top of their priority list.

With the compelling and passionate style of narration of the author, the book presents in minute details the courage, strength, struggle, morals as well as the sacrifices the Sahabas did for the sake of Islam and for the love of the Messenger of Allah.

This book further gives the motivation to the reader to make Islam the central point in their lives as it was the case with the Sahaba

Running through about 900 pages, the book covers all the aspects of the lives of the Sahaba.

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