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Even though the Muslims were not among the early adopted of the printing technology, they have quickly picked pace and are fast moving ahead while adopting the latest technology for all printing requirements.

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The every expanding market is quickly taking over the modern Bookstore and less and less people visit actual bookstores rather are content with browsing on amazons bookstore which has much more books that what any bookstore globally can have !

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Forty gems -  Ahadith of the Prophet (Saw) By Imam Nawawi

Forty gems - Ahadith of the Prophet (Saw) By Imam Nawawi


Sharf AL Din Yahya ibn sharaf al Nawawi, Imam (rah)
Paperback, 200 Pages
14 x 21.5 cm 
ISBN: 81-7101-199-3
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

“Whoever memorizes for my community forty hadiths from Sunna, I will be his intercessor on the Day Of Judgment”

The above mentioned hadith has been a perpetual inspiration and catalyst for a number of scholars of Islam to compile the collection of forty ahadith. Among many, Imam Nawawi’s collection has received great acclaimation and respect among the Ummah.

This compilation of the forty ahadith in Arabic text along with its English translation and brief explanation by Muhammad Yusuf Abbasi helps the reader connect with Imam Nawawi and enriches the knowledge of the reader regarding the diverse aspects of Islam.

Written in simple English, this book is a good source of diverse information collated together.


The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's Succession Crisis: The Politics of Liberalisation and Reform in the Middle East

The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's Succession Crisis: The Politics of Liberalisation and Reform in the Middle East


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Framing economic and political reform in the Middle East, this book explores the interplay between the Egyptian state, the Muslim Brotherhood and the politics of succession. Egypt has in recent years experienced a rise in political activism driven by increasing internal demands for reform and change, impacting upon its economic and political strategy. Two key issues have been central to this: the Muslim Brotherhood, in its evolution from a spiritual to a political movement, and the politics of succession, which has seen the grooming of Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni Mubarak, to usher forward the inheritance of power in Egypt. This book enables a greater understanding of the dynamics of authoritarianism and democratisation, and the challenges and dilemmas which any future Egyptian reform process will face in the context of succession to Hosni Mubarak

Mohammed Zahid completed his PHD in Middle Eastern Political Economy and Politics at the University of Leeds. He has published widely in international journals and consulted for a number of agencies and think tanks on a variety of Middle Eastern issues, in particular relating to political economy, internal Arab politics and security in North Africa and the Persian Gulf.


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